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Simple life 简单的生活

A father who always smokes and farts devotes himself to newspaper all the time.


A crying daughter, one year old, a gigantic baby.

哭泣的女儿 : 1岁 巨大

A wild-running son, 8 years old, a naughty and non-stop runner.

乱跑的儿子:8岁 无时无刻不在调皮奔跑

A mother who breaks out into a volcano, with branches rooted in her hair, transforming with emotions.

火山喷发的妈妈:头上长着树枝 树枝随着感情变化

This story reveals the worst side of humanity, ridiculous but true. This is how life goes by with each passing day.


In the bedroom 卧室

Mom wakes up.


While dad breathes out the smoke with cigarette in his mouth and eyestight closed, the ceilings are totally wrapped up by the thick smoke.


Mom gets off the bed with a pipe slipping out from the quilt, which is still functioning and conducted to another room.


At the kitchen 厨房

Mom comes to the kitchen with a giant bubble in it. The reservoir stores her husband’s fart, the yellow-grey lightning-like gas, delivered through the pipe.


As fart goes to the stove through a metal pipe, the branches in mom’s hairstart to sprout, which indicates she’s in good mood.


Mom opens her mouth and then a flame comes out to light a fire in the stove.


Then she starts to cook, as a baby cry from the next door hits her nerves. She responds in frustration, as she is saying ’there, there, mom’s coming’.


The baby keeps crying and then a fast-paced running sound surges form the room. A 10-year-ish boy is running on the walls and ceiling fast as hell without a stop, and he even is able to headstand. Running excites and rouses him.


The boy runs into the kitchen and rushes to the burning stove. The mom catches him by foot as he dashes close to the fire and puts him on the floor. She asks the boy to behave himself and keep quiet and still but in vain. The boy goes ahead sprinting, like nothing can stop him.


Then the branches in mom’s hair begin to twist.


In the living room 客厅

Breakfast is ready. Dad comes to the kitchen with his face still buried in the newspaper. A cigarette burning in his mouth gives out turbulent white smoke. It’s not so hard to notice the pipe connected to his butt.


Dad keeps farting and the pipe transfers all the gas to all home appliances, fans, lamps, landscape aquarium among the others.


It’s officially breakfast time but the boy is still running at full-speed on the walls. He accidentally skims over the ketchup and then stamps a row of footprints everywhere he passes over, well, at least he enjoys it.


Mom ignores the mess and passes the trampled egg roll to dad.


Dad uses his left hand to enjoy his meal behind the newspaper as he stretches out the right hand to hold an amazingly huge feeding bottle.


The boy runs around the feeder. Obviously, a gigantic baby is sucking the nipple.


The baby is fat, and you can tell from the cry that it’s a girl, that must be their little daughter.


The baby is still sucking the nipple and she is huge with a mountain sizetaking up the two thirds of the room. The smoke ring from father’s mouth is still rising, covering one third of the baby mountain. The baby’s largeface is buried by the dense smoke.


The boy runs around the baby with a maniac laughter, one round after one, and he glows with joy, restless and carefree.


While the baby is irritating, cry bursts out from the mist of smoke below the ceiling, lightening streaking occasionally.


Mom tears up a piece of egg roll, tosses into her mouth and tries to enjoy the meal. Her lips are scarlet like an eruption vent of the volcano.


Baby crying and boy running annoys her branches to catch fire, to wither,and to scorch with smoke arising. It’s utterly a distinct scene from the time when she woke up in the morning.


The cry of the baby volumes up and the running of the boy keeps spinning, mom has to shout to dad behind the newspaper to crave for some response.


Dad mumbles a few words tiredly and listlessly. He refuses to react butcontinues smoking.


Mom gets furious. She thumps the table and spouts the red lava. The house is submerged in a second.


Smoke fades away.


Outside 房外

It’s still raining outside, the sprouting seedling in mom’s hair enjoys themoist.


Mom holds the collar of the boy and puts a backpack on him, who still makes running his favorite.


The boy runs away immediately after mom letting go. A red rope is tied to his waist with the other end ending up in his dad’s hand.


Dad is pulled ahead along with the running boy, and he is still smoking.A giant fart pot drags behind his butt.


Dad and son get up in a yellow minivan. The van starts and exhausts yellow grey fart.


Mom waves goodbye to dad and son. The rain remains unabated.


Mom takes a deep breath and looks up into the sky. The baby girl hides her upper body in the black clouds. Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles, as she cries and screams.


Mom takes something out of her apron.


She unfolds all the joints and a bamboo dragonfly takes shape.


Mom flies above dark clouds and lands on the baby’s face with the bamboo dragonfly. She bows down and kisses her baby with all of her heart.


A kiss makes the clouds show their silver lining. Then sunshine pierces through and scatters over the wonderland.


End of story.结束!!!


This is life, can you feel that?This story can be adapted for animation script.Thank you for reading.

Writer: Yue Xiao 作者:岳霄 Email: 1244827966#qq.com